By now, you might know all about our Flexiverse™ and the six types of workplace flexibility therein. You may have already figured out the FlexType that's most important to you. But if you've taken our FlexType quiz, you know that you're not defined by one FlexType. In fact, the average employee needs access to 2.5 types of flexibility. And just as with other universes, the stars of the Flexiverse can align—forming a syzygy of flexibility, so to speak—to make your work perfectly compatible with your life.

How can these types coexist? For starters, three of the six FlexTypes—TimeShift™, MicroAgility™, and PartTime—respond to your time-based needs, and the other three—Remote, DeskPlus™, and TraveLite™—respond to your location-based needs.

But even types within the same category can be harmonious. Perhaps your top three FlexTypes are all the time-based ones, for example. Let's say TimeShift is your most important to you, followed by MicroAgility and PartTime. That means it's most important to you that you can reorder your working hours to maximize your productivity. But you'd also like to keep your schedule pliable enough to handle the unexpected, and you're interested in working fewer than 40 hours a week while still keeping career advancement a possibility.

Or let's say your top FlexType is TravelLite, followed by Remote and MicroAgility. That means you'd love to stick close to home—with a maximum of 10 percent of annual work days spent traveling—but you're also interested in working from anywhere and setting your own work schedule.

Not all employees have the same needs and wants, which is why Werk started in the first place. We're not about one-size-fits-all "solutions." We're all about making work culture work for you. Think of your FlexType as your flexibility fingerprint, the unique combination of parameters that keep you at your most productive and satisfied at work. Find your FlexType now so you know which types of flexibility matter most to you.