No matter how you slice it, the world is becoming more flexible. As long as you have a reliable Wifi connection and a quiet place to take calls, you can really complete your tasks from anywhere—as long as you’re not a neurosurgeon or an astronaut, of course. But as physical location becomes less and less relevant to the work we do, how do we continue to gain new social skills, build trust and camaraderie among our colleagues, and collaborate effectively? It’s something I recently chatted about with Greg Caplan, founder and CEO of Remote Year, a company that helps employees get out of the office and explore the world.

According to Greg, the skills we can gain from stepping outside of our comfort zone far outweigh the perceived losses associated with physical distance.

“When you're out exploring the world, you build this skill set that is unbelievable,” he told me. “You're more inspired and creative when you're in these new, different environments. You build a global perspective and understanding, which is critical since companies are now doing business internationally from the earliest stages.”

Click here for our full interview, but be forewarned: reading this interview might result in catching the travel bug. Brb, searching for flights...