At Werk, we’re on a mission to ensure that every person has access to the flexibility they need to achieve both their personal and professional goals. People aren’t one-size-fits-all, so work shouldn’t be either—yet most companies still adhere to the same 9-5 workday structures of the past. Sound familiar? As a result, many people are getting pushed off the leadership track, and too many are being forced to “opt-down” into lower paying, less challenging roles.

That’s why we created the Flexiverse, a collection of six different types of flexibility that address the most common time and location-based flexibility needs. These needs are not static—they will change and evolve over time as your life circumstances do. But what shouldn’t change is your access to these flexibility types. At Werk, we’re actively working with companies every day to make sure that you have access to all six types of flexibility, no questions asked.

By taking our new FlexType quiz, you’ll not only learn which types of flexibility you need to achieve optimal work-life compatibility, but you’ll also be arming yourself with the right tools to effectively advocate for yourself at work—no matter where your company is on its flexibility journey.

Are you ready to join the flexibility movement by learning your FlexType? Get your FlexType here!