As a people scientist at Culture Amp, a groundbreaking people and culture platform, Jess Brook knows how far people sciences has come. "In the past, we’d gather the data and it would take three months just to turn it into something that is even slightly insightful. And by the time leaders were ready to take action on it, they were three months too late,” she tells me in this installment of my LinkedIn series, "Looking Forward."

Thanks to real-time analytics platforms like Culture Amp, though, people leaders can be more agile and more responsive to the evolving needs of their workforce. Which means that we're able to make people data not just personally meaningful to senior leaders or HR teams, but personally meaningful to employees and managers and team leaders, to make positive incremental change in their day-to-day,” Jess adds.

Click here to read Jess's thoughts on how employee data supports company goals and improves the bottom line, why an intersectional approach is imperative to all people decisions, and how, in some ways, work won't change in the future.