As the CEO and co-founder of performance management software company Lattice, Jack Altman has firsthand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities HR teams face as the workforce heads toward a data-driven and flexible future. He shared his invaluable insights with me for my latest installment of "Looking Forward" on LinkedIn.

For example, Jack reminds us that even though the business world evolves at a blistering pace, certain fundamentals of the employee experience stay the same. That doesn't mean HR processes have to stay constant—we’re certainly not sticking to pen-and-paper performance reviews! But when the processes that can be computerized are actually computerized, people teams can get back to the all-important basics. "Instead of thinking about payroll and benefits, HR teams will have more time to think about employee development and engagement and the core elements of a happy work experience," Jack observes.

Click here to read of Jack's thoughts about how we'll work a decade from now, how people teams aren't getting their due in current corporate culture, and how human intelligence and artificial intelligence can work side-by-side in people and business decisions.