In an economy where productivity is stagnant across the board, largely owing to a culture of overwork, companies must go beyond current strategies and start looking at an entirely new set of people analytics. Enter: flexibility data. When companies begin structuring and assessing data on flexibility proactively, they’ll be able to systematically measure the impact flexibility has not just on productivity, engagement, and diversity efforts, but on business metrics such as real-estate and healthcare costs. Structured data on flexibility has the potential to shape a completely new future of work—one in which jobs are adaptive to the humans who perform them.

Join Werk’s co-founder and co-CEO Anna Auerbach for a free lunchtime webinar on August 9th at 12 p.m. ET as she unveils what an adaptive future of work looks like, and shares key insights from our first-of-its-kind study about the state of flexibility in the U.S. workforce.

Why attend?

  • Get the newest data on workplace flexibility and learn how flex impacts key people and business metrics like retention, engagement, and net promoter scores
  • Learn our universal system of flexibility and find out which flextypes are most in-demand across demographic fault-lines including gender, generation, and caregiving status
  • Find out which flexibility types will give your company room to lead and how closing your flexibility gap (i.e. need for vs. perceived access to flexibility) can help your company’s bottom line
  • Learn about FlexMatch, the first and only flexibility insights platform that can help you power smarter people strategies

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