Why do you flex? We asked those of you who follow Werk on Instagram why workplace flexibility is important to you, and you responded with answers that were thoughtful, relatable, and—above all—human.

In fact, your answers spoke to all facets of the Flexiverse™. Some people need TimeShift™ to capitalize on their most productive hours, for example; some need MicroAgility™ to cover family commitments; and others need Remote or DeskPlus™ work to stick close to home.


Our take? We need workplace flexibility because people aren’t one size fits all, so work shouldn’t be either. Now here are your takes:

  • “I’m a living, breathing human and life happens!”

  • “I owe it to my employer to bring my best to work, and sometimes my best doesn't happen between 9 and 5.”

  • “People should work when they are most productive and stop to change activities when they are not.”

  • “If workplace flexibility doesn’t exist, I will not be able to go back to work when the time comes for me to make that decision.”

  • “I have to manage a rare condition, I need to keep up my mental and physical health, I have a long commute, as a creative my best hours are not always at a desk and in an office—the list goes on!”

  • “Being there when my daughter wakes up in the morning, snuggling with her before bedtime, and sometimes having lunch with her is paramount to my happiness. Being happy makes me a better employee.”

  • “My productivity happens in waves. My downtime is vital to my productivity. There's no consistent pattern to either phase, and I prefer to let it flow that way.”

  • “Organizing my work hours so that I can drop my kids at school and hang with them in the evening is table stakes for my happiness.”

  • “I have a husband working second shift with a career that matters to him. If one of us didn’t have flexibility, our kids wouldn’t be able to participate in after-school activities or sports.”

  • “I have elderly parents who need more of my time.”

  • “Because as a momma of two little dragons (which is my 24/7 gig), I want to still grow, create, and communicate my projects in a space that allows me to flourish and is not confined to clocking in and out, cubicles, offices walls, and judgment.”

  • “#SpecialNeedsChild shouldn’t mean #UnemployableMom.”

  • “This isn’t the Industrial Revolution. and our working lives should reflect the needs of the 21st-century worker and the societies and cultures we are living in.”

  • “There is no reason not to have it in the 21st century. We have evolved past the desk-bound 9-to-5!”

  • “It enables me to be my best self—both professionally and personally.”

  • “Porque necesito libertad! Así de simple.” “Because I need freedom! It’s that simple.”

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