When people hear workplace flexibility, they often think working from home. Remote work is certainly one of the most-desired types of flexibility, and we here at Werk have two flex types devoted to getting employees out of the office—but workplace flexibility encompasses much more.

There's one other location-based flex type, for example, as well as three time-based flex types. Yes, our Flexiverse is a whole universe of workplace flexibility, and Remote—which means you can work from anywhere—is just one star.

In the same constellation as Remote is another flexibility type: DeskPlus™, in which you're based out of a company office but can work wherever you want for a portion of your time—perhaps to avoid a long commute or perhaps just focus on your job without the distractions of a communal workplace.

And the third location-based flex type is TravelLite™—which ensures employees spend no more than 10 percent of annual work days traveling. Some people love taking their work to other states or other countries, but TraveLite is for those who'd like to stick closer to home.

Then there are the time-based flex types. MicroAgility™, for example, allows employees to step away from work for up to a few hours to attend to life's unexpected events. MicroAgility means that little speed bumps in your life don't become big obstacles to your work.

If you know your life will routinely make a typical, 9-to-5 workday challenging, however, you might prefer TimeShift™, which lets employees reorder their working hours to create an unconventional schedule. We know a lot of people—early birds and night owls alike—who use TimeShift just to work during their hours of peak productivity.

And last, but hardly least, is PartTime, which has employees working on a reduced hours schedule. And going PartTime doesn't mean you're not climbing your career ladder: It allows employees to stay on the advancement track.

And don't worry, you don't have to pick just one of these six. The average employee needs access to 2.5 types of flexibility, so it's all about finding the combination that works for you. Flex long and prosper!