Welcome to the Company Partner Spotlight series! At Werk, we believe it’s important to highlight companies that are taking the initiative to understand and implement flexibility within their organizations. Today’s spotlight is on RevUnit, an early adopter of FlexCert™.

Company: RevUnit
What they do: RevUnit specializes in elite, product focused digital teams. They work with early stage to mid-size companies to build, learn, and iterate on innovative digital products. They bring expertise from their experience on some of the world’s biggest brands to take clients all the way from strategic framework to full execution and ongoing product management across mobile, web, and social platforms.
Headquarters: Bentonville, Arkansas with an office in Las Vegas CEO: Joe Saumweber
The team: RevUnit is proud to have more female employees than most companies within the tech industry, with women making up 22% of their staff. They recognize, however, that that number still needs to grow, so they are continually working to create an inclusive environment and bridge the gender gap in technology.
Official position on diversity and inclusion: “Because we are a people focused organization, from our culture to the employees of the organizations whose lives we work to make better through technology, we value and recognize diversity as crucial to the success and health of our organization and the happiness of both our employees and our clients. We work daily to create an environment in which our employees can come to work and not only be who they are, but share who they are with others in hopes that as an organization we can truly learn from each other and become a little better all the time.”
How they’re moving the needle: This year, RevUnit created its first Diversity Council. They are also focused on internal training, community involvement, and recruitment efforts.
Awards and recognition related to diversity and inclusion: RevUnit has been named one of Arkansas's Best Places to Work two years in a row, which they believe is a testament to their commitment to diversity and inclusion, and valuing people first.
Why flexibility matters: "Many companies say they’re flexible in the workplace, but they don’t really know what that means. Keeping someone’s flexible schedule as a one-off approved thing is not flexibility. But proactively pushing out the ways we can work remotely or have flexible hours as a whole, is being flexible. So we took the Werk certification to show we’re serious about proactively finding and promoting ways to be flexible in location or hours for our employees as the norm, not the one-off situation. Many workers, like caregivers, have to take on lesser roles to accommodate their personal needs. If a company can provide true flexibility, these workers wouldn’t have to make those choices, and could still work toward their career aspirations without taking a step back." - Jennifer Hartwick, Senior Recruiter, RevUnit

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