Agios Pharmaceuticals, a 500-strong organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, have long followed their "The Other Side of Possible" mantra in their work developing medical breakthroughs. Recently, though, they applied that same forward-thinking mindset to their people strategy. And after partnering with Werk to customize their employee experience, the company saw a 38-point gain in their employee net promoter score (eNPS) in just 7 months.

Agios connected with us after pinpointing flexibility as a key opportunity in their people strategy. "Our philosophy at Agios focuses on bringing your whole self to work so employees can grow not only in their careers, but also as individuals," explains Melissa McLaughlin, chief people officer at Agios. "So the challenge for us quickly became, how do we operationalize this philosophy in a way that meets the diverse range of employee needs and aspirations? One of the ways we thought about this was flexibility."

Understanding that a top-down, "one size fits all" flexibility policy would not address the unique needs of Agios's diverse workforce, the company used our people analytics software to measure flexibility performance, gaps, and opportunities in one specific department of the organization. Seven months later, they redeployed the same digital assessment for the same set of employees, and the results were monumental. eNPS increased from 21 to 59; 81 percent of employees said flex had made them more productive; 83 percent said the company cared about their work-life balance; and 88 percent cited flex as a factor in their decision to stay with the company.

To read more about Agios's journey toward the flexible future with Werk, and to find out how Werk can customize the employee experience at your company, download the full Agios case study PDF here.