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  1. SITE What's Your FlexType

    This Quiz Can Tell You Exactly What Kind of Flexibility You Need Right Now

    At Werk, we’re on a mission to ensure that every person has access to the flexibility they need to achieve both their personal and professional goals. By taking our new FlexType quiz, you’ll not only learn which types of flexibility you need to achieve optimal work-life compatibility, but you’ll also be arming yourself with the right tools to effectively advocate for yourself at work—no matter where your company is on its flexibility journey. So, what's your FlexType?

  2. SITE What Is Flexibility Certification and Do I Need It?

    What Is Flexibility Certification—And Do You Need It?

    The future of work is upon us. We are at the forefront of a new era in which all employees will have the ability to customize their schedules through structured flexibility. This is a significant departure from the way we’ve been working for hundreds of years. That's why we designed FlexCert, the first and only flexibility training program out there.

  3. SITE Bump Boxes

    Founder Spotlight: Bump Boxes Founder Christine Deehring Is Changing the Pregnancy Experience at Work

    At Werk, we’re always eager to meet fellow founders who are on a mission to break down barriers facing women. Much like Werk’s co-founders, Christine Deehring’s decision to launch her own company came from her personal experiences. The idea for Bump Boxes, a monthly pregnancy subscription service based near Chicago, came to her while she was pregnant with her daughter. While researching what to avoid during pregnancy, she was frustrated by the lack of places to shop for safe foods and products. It was then she realized there was a huge business opportunity, which she took advantage of immediately—a decision she calls “really easy.”

  4. SITE Bumble COO Sarah Jones Simmer

    Bumble COO Sarah Jones Simmer Describes Her Office as “Candy Land” For Babies

    It's no surprise that Bumble, the company that puts women in the driver's seat online, would also empower their female employees IRL. But what really sets Bumble apart is their commitment to flexibility. In a recent chat with COO Sarah Jones Simmer, we learned a bit more about what it's like working at Bumble HQ in Austin, Texas, which she describes as a "candy land" for babies. And she would know—her 3-year-old is obsessed (and we have pictures to prove it!).

  5. SITE When Companies Invest in Gender Equality, Everyone Benefits

    When Companies Invest in Gender Equality, Everyone Benefits

    In the face of overwhelming evidence of workplace inequality, policies and programs are launching worldwide to get women advancing higher (and earning more) on the corporate ladder. These programs are important, but another solution is to get everyone—of all genders—invested in diversity and equality efforts. After all, everyone stands to benefit from a culture of equality, says Ellyn Shook, Accenture’s Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer.

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