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  1. Are You Losing Candidates Because of a Lack of Flexibility?

    Are You Losing Qualified Candidates Because of a Lack of Flexibility?

    Werk had the pleasure of co-sponsoring LEAP HR: Life Sciences 2018 in Boston earlier this month—during which our co-founder and co-CEO Anna Auerbach delivered a presentation on using data to power adaptive workdays—but we noticed one common refrain throughout the conference. A number of companies we spoke to reported that job candidates have rejected their offers citing the need for more flexibility.

  2. Employee Engagement Survey Season

    So, Your Employee Engagement Surveys Keep Saying You Have a Work-Life Balance Problem?

    It’s that time of year again—employee engagement survey season! Over the next few weeks, there’s a good chance you’ll be tasked with gathering, analyzing, and interpreting critical feedback from your employee population, and if you’re anything like the thousands of companies we’ve spoken with over the past few years, there’s at least one thing you can already anticipate: a work-life balance issue. Am I right?

  3. Inflexibility Is Killing Your Next Big Idea

    Is Inflexibility Killing Your "Next Big Idea"?

    "Excellence and innovation are arguably the foundation of our greatest contributions.” Those are the words of Dr. Dawna Ballard, a professor of chronemics at the University of Texas at Austin. According to Dr. Ballard, companies today are thinking about productivity all wrong, and as a result, are struggling to create that elusive “Next Big Idea.” And while most companies realize something needs to change, they’re not sure what.

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